About us

I'm Laura and I’m an Arizona native; in fact, I’ve lived my entire life in Phoenix which means I spend a lot of time outdoors and understand what the elements can do to the skin. And, my love for natural skincare started over a decade ago when I realized, after many years of battling severe acne, the endless prescriptions and topical creams only made my skin worse. This is when I got educated on natural ingredients that would help, not hurt, my skin – herbs, essential oils and carrier oils – these three ingredients made all the difference to my skin.

 Life was good and my skin looked great! Then, life got better when I welcomed my little girl, Lily Odile, into the world in 2014. Following Lily’s birth, I made sure to take care of myself – well, as much as a new mom can – but, like many of us, I was balancing an infant and a new full time job. Life was hectic and I was doing my best.

 Until the day I received the call from daycare, “Laura, we think Lily had a seizure during naptime.” I will never forget that call – that day – and every call and day that followed. It marked a time in my life – in Lily’s life – that would change everything. Right in front of my eyes, my daughter transformed from carefree “Lily Pad” to a little girl forced to endure countless doctor’s appointments, ambulance rides, hospital stays, medical treatments, and what seemed to be endless tests. Finally, there was good news; she was diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy which means that she may grow out of the disorder as she grows up.

 Balancing Lily’s care was taking a toll. It was in May of 2018 that I confided in a dear family friend, Eric, that I would love to quit my job, start an all-natural skincare line and get the flexibility that I so desperately needed to care for my daughter. So, we started Lily Pad Essentials and within just a year, Eric and I have come a long way and are currently working on expanding the Lily Pad Essentials brand.

 You can find us at local markets throughout Phoenix and Northern Arizona.


Lily Pad Essentials Friends and Co-Founders,

Laura Cabirac and Eric McVeigh